government duress of lands


What is the significance of those who are crossing into the borders of our country?  These  women and children who are being escorted into the country via the help of the Fe der al Gover nme nt have been led down a criminal path.    Beward those who live among the ranchers and those who are ranchers themselves, for your land will suddenly not be your own.  You will be dissolved of your land under the duress of the government. Beware also your reactions as this will incite the fury of those things which are not under your control.

Anything in the north?  Yes, there are Foreign troops in both orders that are entering in from the UN primparily.  They have the best interest at heart of the ones who are funding them, which are the U N.  Their purpose is to raid the whole of North America of various means which include warm clothing, water, first aid supplies, fresh food, amenities, and  any thing of good purpose or use or interest to the American people will be annihilated.

-Father and Son


Abomination of Desolation


The Abomination of Desolation – did it happen in the temple?

My daughter it did happen as I mentioned to you.  It was in March during a wedding ceremony.  There were  no other sealers around but the one who performed the ordinance.  His family (the man involved with being sealed) was against the marriage ceremony of the church as it was.  He fought for the entrance into the Holy House to wed to his brotherhood friend into the heavens.  It did not work.  It did invoke the anger and fury of the highest order.  Upon My house indeed.  Who let him in?  A General Authority who was on duty for the day to handle matter of these.  He had a soft spot for those in these relationships as he suffers from same gender attraction himself.  He made a call and others backs were turned.  It was during normal business hours in the SLC temple.  It is now contaminated, trashed, and unworthy of my presence as it has been now for some time.  When will the Gentiles ever learn?  They need to look to Me and live, yet they get the wrong message and implement it into their lives.  Look to ME and live I say unto you.

Father and His Holy Ones

My journey on Zions Path

Christ is my rock.  I will tell you how I really began to find him.  I read the 2nd comforter… and things have never been the same.

Really if I rewind time, I see it started when I was going to tell my sister who was having a very bad rough patch in her marriage to toughen up, but what came out of my mouth next was unexpected.  It was “Read the Emotion Code”.  Well, I have only heard of that book months before in a short brief conversation.  After I said it – the Spirit came crashing down on me like thunder.  YES!   I had to get the book.  I called my mom and told her Susan needed that book.  I called my other sister and told her about it.  I looked up all I could about it, and then got it on the computer.  I had ordered the book but was too impatient.  I read it before it arrived in the mail a few days later. 

I learned how to be in tune with energy, I learned about healing with Christ as my focus, I learned about involving God unpeel the faulty layers on our beings – not every being put into those words, but that is what was happening.

I was lead along a path I found others were being led to.  A friend who was on the same path at the same time as me, would help me navigate this territory as well.  She told me about “conquering Spiritual Evil” which sounded a little scary.  Eventually I got that and all the Mendenhall’s books and CDs that I could.  I plowed through them.  Then I was led to “The Second Comforter.” 

Meanwhile, I was trying to listen to the Spirit give me several LOUD soul stirring orders to get my food storage in line.  Medicinal seeds, vinegar, paper products, coconut oil, essential oils, baking soda,  – whatever the Spirit LOUDLY told me to do.  My spirit could not be at rest until I did it.  But it felt good.

I started searching for others who were on a similar path as me and came across a forum.  I looked around and was led to find people here and there on the forum who had had amazing experiences.  Many had visions, some received the 2nd comforter, many had their calling and election made sure.  I also began to notice something else – these same people saw that not all was well in Zion.

This bothered me.   I had also read  Denise Mendenhalls Book “In His Arms” which is one of my all time favorite books for its purity and simplicity of her NDE at 10 in her own words.  In it, she mentioned that Christ told her “There is no true church upon the earth.  It will be and its called “The Church of the Firstborn.”  This bothered me also.  Why did she word it like that?  I thought we NOW had the fullness.  I prayed about this.  I started looking up “Church of the Firstborn.”  I found passages in the scriptures, I read a couple people who were told they were part of it.  It is gathered by Heaven.  No man can invite you in.    Why didn’t I hear about this at church?  Isn’t that IMPERATIVE?  Joseph Smith talked about this quite a bit as well. 

I began to understand that all indeed was not well in Zion.  Little by little the Lord showed me how many things were not adding up.  I was very concerned in the beginning that NO warnings were being given out by what I could FEEL was coming.  I felt in my Spirit that times were drawing to a close.  I was told that our dispensation is coming to a close and we are “morphing” into another dispensation.  What that dispensation would be or how started I did not know. I just knew what the Lord told me. 

I noticed these talks in Gen. Conference at this time were extremely light on doctrine, very much directed to those tuning in for the first time (This being in 2012).  I was disappointed by how unspiritually fed I was.  At this time I had an immense hunger (and still do ) to learn about God, Heavens, PURE doctrine by Joseph Smith.  When I read his words I was a amazed at their spiritual feasting.  Where was that these days?  I’m not saying I don’t enjoy talks on Charity, Feeling the Spirit, Tithing, Missionary Work  and Pornography , but here is SO.MUCH.MORE.

I listened to Denver Snuffers CDS to his lecture tour.  I was amazed about HOW FILLED they were of pure truth.  It tasted SO GOOD.  The contrast between his CDs and General Conference was STARK.  It was similar to the flavor of reading Joseph Smith.  Both constantly pointing you to seek your calling and Election, to seek the 2nd comforter, to rend the veil.  Meanwhile, I was hearing members being called in to disciplinary councils for TALKING about those things.  What on EARTH is going on?  I began to her more and more people being called in. Of course, Denver also had just been excommunicated.

I thought about these things CONSTANTLY, though no one would ever know.  I was TBM all the way.  Pioneer stock, all that.  But I could feel the Spirit urging me to press forward.  I did not voice this part of my journey to anyone, lest I lead anyone astray while not knowing.  I asked God if Denver was from him.  He has shown me that he is.  I have asked many many times.  I am reading all of his works, and listened to all his CDs and I have learned more by doing that, that 35 years of learning and serving a mission.

Meanwhile  I learned to REALLY pray.  I had been praying with my arms folded all my life.  I did not REALIZE that we are SUPPOSED to pray with uplifted hands, as it talks about in the Old Testament, New Testament, POGP, D & C, and Book of Mormon.  When I began to do that, things REALLY started changing.  I began to also pray vocally.  Angels started leading my hands, as I asked the Lord to teach me how to pray.  I just let my hands by led.

I FELT the Savior in his Spirit form, with my physical form.  I felt the nailmarks in his hands. He has held my hands, and I have held his.  He has lifted me off the floor.  He has taken from my hands those things that have held me back – false paradigms, false ideas, false notions, misbeliefs, unbeliefs, false beliefs, pride,  and other things.  I have pled to the Lord of my standing before Him.  He cleansed me by Baptsim by fire and the Holy Ghost.  It took place over 3 nights.  Each night a little more baptized by fire.  I prayed mighty prayers.  The first one was a struggle that took 3 hours.  I was freezing cold in the dead of winter praying in my basement.  I have heard Heavenly Mother’s voice out loud once and it shocked me for days!  I have come to feel like Zion is waiting for me and my family.  My relationship with Father is wonderful  – I will ask him deep things or just common things and he will immediately answer me.  He really IS talkative.  I have began to receive prophecy on what is coming.  I write it all down.  My relationship with my Savior and My God and My Heavenly Mother and first and foremost in my life. 

Meanwhile I listen to Sacrament meeting with themes like “Love the BRETHREN!”   REALLY??!?!?!  We should NEVER be hearing talks about loving MEN, no matter WHO THEY ARE!!!!  WE should ONLY be talking about God, and His Son – topics that flow from them.  NEVER will I give a talk about loving a MAN in church as the theme.  WICKED, EVIL topic.  Idolatry!!!  Purveyors of a FALSE PRIESTCRAFT!  While excommunicating many (my count of those I know is now 5 with many who have been called in)who have sought Christ while IN THE FLESH!!!  The whole REASON we go to the temple!  Has the world turned upsidedown?!?!

The schism foretold in the church has begun.  Either you choose Christ and higher things, or you choose DWINDLING in unbelief.Image

Blood Moons – what they mean



Is there a counterfeit with this?  The eclipse that will take place is real and in the right time.  They will always try to pervert my methods and signs, but they will not be able to alter the designs I have laid out.  The April 15th blood moon date is real, and is not counterfeit.  Beware this day has many foul entities who will rise to the surface of the earth on that day.  Israel will be ready to strike with war, button down the hatches.  Judgement is not come yet, it will be withheld until Yom Kippur of this year.  But keep vigilant to the signs that will be laid out during this 6 month duration between April and October.  Things in the sky, things on the land – all in commotion just as I told you earlier.  Many will go underground, never to reappear hence.  Earthquakes and wars and rumors of wars will be in abundance and confuse many.  Do not depart from that which I have told you and instructed you.

Economy, astronomical event


Father, what is happening with the economy?  Is it coming in April?  This year?

My daughter, what would you have me tell you about this?  Men’s choices will effect the outcome for these economic events.  Man will always have his freedom of choice. Be prepared y daughter for what lies ahead.  In due time the markets will fail just as they have in every civilization before.  How to prepare is to listen to the Spirit.  My Spirit will instruct you as thebest way for your situation to deal with the economic collapse.  Be patient.  Do not eagerly anticipate this event, but prepare for it as I have instructed you.  Think of what you will need when all the stores are closed.  Be self sufficient.  Pray unto me for guidance.  The events are imminent.  I have delayed time a bit to give my people more time to prepare.  Once the economic events happen, life as you know it will never be the same.  Safety and security will be a thing of the past, unless its through me.  Only by calling on my name will you know which road to take to seek out safety and security.

It was mentioned there is a big astromical event in September?  Also, I heard November from another?

The event you heard about on the internet today is false.  It is not an accurate statement.  There is much activity in the heavens but it will be tempered at my will.  No man can fully know my ways and plans for my earth.  I will do things at my will. Send signs in my time.  The words about celestial events were untrue.  There is a different time-line there.  October of next year is more likely.  November is not what I had in mind for this year for anything to happen. 


The economy/currency collapse in the end times


Father what about the economy?  Will it crash?  When?  What do I need to do to prepare in thine eyes?

Oh Daughter, I would tell you to be weary of rumors.  There has been and will be rumor of when the global currency will crash.  One day it will, so prepare steadily as thou hast been doing.  Those who seek to distract you with sensational news will have their due.  The currencies of the world will one day be gone – vanish in value and integrity.  For that you will need to prepare food, coin in hand, clothing, as that will be a commodity, water resources, and livestock for those who have land to do so.  There are those who would have the economy crash in this very instant. They have to wait as well for my readiness as these things will not happen without mine approval.  Once the currencies fall, the trumpets will begin blaring and man will struggle to catch their breath.  Once this does happen though, get ready as there is not much left to do – even less.

While this happens, Zion will begin preparations to begin to establish the peace on earth that many have been ushering in by and through the gatherings of angels,


Situation with violence around the world, the Beast, Prayers needed continously


What is the meaning of what is going on with Russia and the Ukraine?  For those who have the ears to hear, this will be Revelations coming forth in her battles against the beast.   The Beast is ferocious and not to be trifled with.  Security around her borders is of the utmost importance to deliver triumph and victory at no cost to her reputations and ferocity.  Borders agents beware your safety.  Things are not as they may seem to you at this time.  Remember, remember the words from John my Beloved.  He spoke these in earnest after viewing the visions beset to the last days.  Does it mean WWIII you ask?  It can mean that or it could be a warm up to the real thing.  Nothing is done out of the timeline I have hearto foreordained.  Swiftly these upheavals are commencing and taking place as we speak.  They rush to force my hand but it will not be so.  Many times already have they tried to rush this last great and terrible war on the Saints and upon mankind.  They will learn to obey My word on things, not the false god whom they think they worship.  I need the prayers of my Saints and People to keep these forces of evil at bay.  The prayers must be heard night and day to equal in proportion to the evil that has set up stakes at the borders of the nations, trying to weasel its way in.  Do not let it, I say unto you.  It is my will to cease these violations of my will.  Your prayers will give me the ability to intervene in these matters. 

Love for your return Daughter, Father